Hockey PEI Staff | October 13th, 2021

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – As communicated to Minor Hockey Associations last week, Hockey PEI’s Minor Council has set its League Meetings for this week and next which will lay out the framework for the 2021-22 season. Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions and fluctuating gathering numbers, league meetings for the 2021-22 season will be held virtually through web conference calls. Associations and teams are asked to review the below information carefully: 


All teams are required to submit their home ice time and team contact information in advance of their designated meeting to the respective Minor Council director for each division. Directors will email links to web conference calls to team contacts upon receiving ice time and contact information. 


Thursday, October 14th, 2021

  • 5:00pm – U9 AA 
    • To Join online click here
    • To join by phone: 1-647-374-4685
    • Meeting ID: 873 3929 5425
    • Passcode: 056919
  • 6:00pm – U11 A Male, U11 AA Male, U13 AA Male, U13 AAA Female
    • To join online click here.
    • To join by phone: 1-647-374-4685
    • Meeting ID: 811 0252 3132
    • Passcode: 513119
  • 7:00pm – U15 AA Male, U15 AA Female
    • To join online click here
    • To join by phone: 1-647-374-4685
    • Meeting ID: 879 4699 1428
    • Passcode: 490485
  • 8:00pm – U18 AA Male
    • To join online click here
    • To Join by phone:1-647-374-4685
    • Meeting ID: 859 2289 7259
    • Passcode: 713664

Thursday, October 21st, 2021

  • 5:00pm – U11 Male Rec, U11 A Female, U11 AA Female
    • To join online click here
    • To join by phone:1-647-374-4685
    • Meeting ID: 839 0505 4686
    • Passcode: 978069
  • 6:00pm – U13 A Male, U13 A Female
    • To join online click here
    • To Join by phone:1-647-374-4685
    • Meeting ID: 819 7325 2098
    • Passcode: 577165
  • 7:00pm – U15 A Male, U15 A Female
    • To join online click here
    • To join by phone:1-647-374-4685
    • Meeting ID: 892 9203 9386
    • Passcode: 413402
  • 8:00pm – U18 A Male, U18 A Female
    • To join online click here
    • To join by phone: 1-647-374-4685
    • Meeting ID: 811 3753 2972
    • Passcode: 108428

Note: The following leagues will set their own meetings and advise the respective teams.  

  • • U13 AAA male 
  • • U15 AAA male and female 
  • • U18 AAA male and female 


1.Team Contacts: Male / Female Teams – Forward team contacts and game times to League Directors. Contact info on the HPEI website.

2.Provincials (Tournament Format) – First AAA/AA weekend – Second weekend A 

  • One division (top 8 teams make provincials). Excluding leagues with 7 teams. 
  • Two divisions (top 4 from each division – total 8) 
  • Female Dates and structure will be announced at a later date 

March 18th-20th, 2022 Weekend:

  • U11 A Male
  • U11 AA Male
  • U13 AA Male
  • U13 AAA Male
  • U15 AA Male
  • U18 AA Male

March 25th-27th, 2022 Weekend:

  • U11 Male Rec
  • U13 A Male
  • U15 A Male
  • U18 A Male

3.Schedules: Number of regular season games – as close to 25 as possible. COVID-19 restrictions may reduce this number if season length is shortened. 

4.Minimum Roster Sizes 


  • Out of Branch Tournaments – Travel Permits should be submitted minimum two weeks prior to travel. Maximum 3 per team. Must be signed by association president and league coordinator. This includes day trips for exhibition games. Forms can be obtained here:
  • All teams are required to request permission to attend tournaments through the League Coordinator (including tournaments on PEI). Based on a team’s regular season schedule, the coordinator can refuse tournament play.
  • ALL PLAYERS MUST BE DOUBLE VACCINATED TO PARTICIPATE IN TOURNAMENTS in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Teams traveling to another Provence throughout the season must follow the Provincial rules of that Provence.

6. Coaching Levels & Safety Trainer

7.Criminal Record Checks 

8.Officials – Minimum Levels 

  • Home team must ensure proper levels for all games. Information can be obtained here 


10.Game sheets 

  • Gamesheet Inc. App will be used for all league/tournament games 
  • All teams are required to have an individual(s) trained on Gamesheet
  • League Coordinators are the first point of contact as a Gamesheet resource
  • Training videos available through Hockey PEI website and can be found here:
  • Responsibility of home team to upload Gamesheet.
  • Ensure sweater numbers are correct (no change after season starts).
  • Coordinator must have roster prior to first league game for games to count.
  • Games cannot be played until teams is registered through the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR)

11.Game Format

  • U15AA and U18AA Male – (3) 15 minute periods. There will be a flood of the ice surface after the second period.
  • All other Leagues – 3 x 12 minute stop time periods (U11 / U13 / U15 / U18)
    • EXCEPTION U11 A, U11AA and – 3 x 13 minute stop time periods (3 min warm up)
    • Exception U13 AAA 3 x 15 stop time periods (3 min warm up)
  • Warm-ups (5 minutes)
  • No Time-outs permitted 

12.Player Affiliation 

  • A player may only affiliate with one team per season.
  • All players must complete and submit an “Affiliation Player Form”. These forms can be found here:
  • Teams must affiliate players from lower category teams within their own age division, or of an equal or lower category in a younger age division.
    • U11 A teams may affiliate players from U9 AA. U11 Rec teams may affiliate players from U9 A. U7 is not able to affiliate.
  • Players are not permitted to affiliate laterally within their association to another team. This is for all games including regular season, exhibition, tournament etc.
  • The only exception for lateral movement is for goalies. If a team is short a goaltender, they may use a goaltender first from another team in their association, if one is not available they may borrow from another association. If a team must borrow, they must seek approval from the league coordinator and advise the opposition that the goaltender playing is borrowed from another team.
  • U13 players that wish to affiliate to U15 AA or AAA, must have obtained their U15 checking certification.

Affiliation Rule – Hockey Canada 

A player of a team of a lower Division or category of the same club, or of an affiliated team, or a specially affiliated player, may affiliate to a team or teams of higher Divisions and categories at any time, to a maximum of ten (10) games. However, if the player’s registered team completes its regular season and playoffs before the player’s affiliated team or teams, the player may thereafter affiliate an unlimited number of times. Exhibition and/or tournament games, which are not part of regular league games or play-off games, are excluded from the maximum 10 games. 

  • 13. Player Registration 

All teams must identify a goaltender on their roster. This player may only play in nets. This does not apply to divisions below U11. In addition, exceptions may be granted with permission for minor council for any “A” team to not identify a goalie for the season. If approved, said teams would be permitted to rotate players in goal throughout the year. Such request must come from the President of the MHA to Minor Council. 

  • 14. Cancellations 

If a team must cancel a game, they must provide 48 hours notice to the opposition team and league coordinator. 

If games need to be rescheduled because of conflicts in the schedule, teams should contact the coordinator ASAP. All games should be rescheduled at the earliest convenience to avoid a backlog of games at the end of the season. 

Weather Cancellations – please contact league coordinator and opposition team in case of inclement weather conditions. Visiting team decides on weather conditions and safety of travel. 

No Forfeits. 

15. Website 

Schedules and standings for all leagues available on the Hockey PEI website at   

16. Rule Modifications 

Permanent Rule modifications for U15 and U18 “A” male leagues. These changes are to eliminate dangerous hits and head shots. See document here:


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