Player Eligibility:

Players are eligible to participate within the High Performance Program if they are:

  • registered as members of Hockey PEI in good standing and playing at the appropriate level; or
  • registered as associate members in good standing; and
  • residents of PEI whose parents reside in PEI; or
  • not residing in PEI but are enrolled full-time in an educational institution or are a member of a high level hockey program/team outside of PEI but whose parents reside in PEI.


2022 Program Layout:

Hockey PEI’s High Performance Program is designed for the top players in their respective age divisions. While Hockey PEI makes every effort to include as many players as possible in this program, it is necessary to restrict participation and this program is intended for players who are participating in the highest levels of play in their respective age division. The following registration options are available for the 2022 program:

  • Men’s Canada Games – (Open to Major U15 AAA Players ONLY)
  • U15 Male: 2008 birth year players who do not play Major U15 and or are not interested in trying out for Canada Games.
  • U14 Male: Open to 2009 birth year players.
  • Women’s Canada Games – U16 / U18 Female: 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 birth year’s
  • U14 Female: 2009, 2010 birth year’s


  • 2022 Female Spring High Performance Camp (May 5th, 6th, 7th), Summerside, PEI.
  • 2022 Male Spring High Performance Camp (May 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th), Summerside, PEI.
  • 2022 High Performance Spring All-Goalies Camp (May 22nd-23rd), Summerside, PEI.


Special Consideration Policy:

Hockey PEI’s High Performance Program specifies two situations in which a player can apply for special consideration for participation in the next step of the process. These situations are:

1) Injury / Illness Рa player is physically unable to participate in a particular step in the program due to either an injury or illness. Players are deemed to have qualified for this criteria when they provide a written medical excuse signed by a doctor; or

2) Compassion – this includes any and all special situations that may arise where compassion is necessary. The responsibility of determining whether or not a player qualifies for consideration through compassion rests with Hockey PEI.

When a player is unable to attend a High Performance Program camp or event, that player is able to apply for an exemption to possibly move onto the next stage of the High Performance Process. While a player is able to apply for this exemption, they are not guaranteed to advance to the next stage of the process, it simply means that they will be considered.

At the end of each camp or event, players are ranked by position to determine their status in the High Performance Program. A player who has applied for Special Consideration will have their hockey ability evaluated and taken into consideration by the coaches and staff to determine if that player would rank among the top players at their position, had they been in attendance at a particular event. A player cannot apply for Special Consideration for two camps or events consecutively.

Click to apply for Special Consideration here: High Performance Program Special Consideration Form

*Spring Hockey or other related programs is not considered a valid option to miss scheduled High Performance Programming.