As we prepare to head into another busy weekend at our rinks, we want to take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are to be able to do just that.

Across our country, Hockey is at a halt while many provinces deal with the hard-hitting second wave of this global pandemic. For us, our Province has just recently shifted gears in hopes to avoid further restrictions and a possible lockdown.

We know Hockey is a huge part of our culture here on Prince Edward Island, however, we must remember that it is a PRIVILEGE to be playing hockey right now – not a right.

👀 When we take a look around our nation at our Hockey Canada member branch family, each is battling through their own challenges of operating Hockey within their respective provinces:

⚠️ Hockey BC: Restricted to local community play, no spectators, reduced number of participants
🚫 Hockey Alberta: 14-day pause, restricted activity only.
🚫 Hockey Saskatchewan: No games, small group activity only.
🚫 Hockey Manitoba: Complete shutdown
🚫⚠️ Hockey Northern Ontario: Restrictions in place
🚫⚠️ Ontario Hockey Federation: Restrictions in place, some zones experiencing shutdowns.
🚫⚠️ Hockey Eastern Ontario: Restrictions in place, No League play.
🚫⚠️ Hockey Quebec: Rotating lockdowns, red zones in place, limited group size activity.
⚠️ Hockey New Brunswick: Zones 1,2,3 experiencing shutdowns – practices only
✅ Hockey PEI – Operating fully – Travel Restrictions
⚠️ Hockey Nova Scotia: Zones experiencing shutdowns – some practices permitted.
⚠️ Hockey Newfoundland: Restricted to local community play, Exemption – Major U18 AAA League
🚫 Hockey North – Complete Shut down

👉 Now more than ever is the time to continue working together by following our Return to Hockey Plan and remembering to practice some of the key elements in that plan:

😷 Wear your mask
🧼 Practice proper hand hygiene
6🦶Keep your distance
🤒 Monitor for symptoms closely – Pre-screen before arriving
❌ If you are feeling unwell, do not come to the rink

We must be leaders for our Hockey nation by staying vigilant in our activity both on and off the ice so we can continue to go to the rink, enjoy our great game, and operate with minimal changes to the game’s normalcy as much as possible.

See you at the rink

Your friends in Hockey,
Hockey Prince Edward Island