CHARLOTTETOWN, PE: There have been many questions as it relates to the extent of Hockey Canada’s decision to cancel all sanctioned activity. We understand that it is a challenging time. As such, we need to clarify some items:


HPEI FAQs about the cancellation of the 2019-20 Season

1. Is the 2019-20 season cancelled or suspended?

There will be constant monitoring as it relates to reinstating hockey activity for next season; however, the 2019-20 season is cancelled.

Further, until the Hockey Canada Board of Directors reinstates hockey activities, no hockey activities are sanctioned or insured by Hockey Canada (or Hockey PEI).


2. What activities are cancelled for the 2019-20 season?

Any activity related to hockey under the Hockey Canada / Hockey PEI auspices is cancelled at all levels: games, practices, playoffs, provincials, Atlantic Championships, National Championships, provincial high-performance programs, try-outs, camps, team activities, parties, events, banquets, meetings, etc.

No activity is sanctioned by Hockey Canada (and thus Hockey PEI) until further notice.


3. What about non-sanctioned hockey? (i.e. private hockey, rec league tournaments, etc.)

Non-sanctioned hockey operates outside of Hockey Canada’s bylaws and regulations. Any participating member in these activities do so at their risk.

Any official participating in non-sanctioned hockey league cannot wear Hockey Canada or Hockey PEI patches, as they are not acting for Hockey Canada or Hockey PEI.


4. What about Provincials banners and medals?

Provincials championships that have not already been awarded will not be given out.


There are a number of other questions and issues that we’re still working on, and we’ll be working with our Associations to ensure that communication is coordinated as is needed. We ask for your patience as we continue handling this matter carefully.

If you have any pressing questions or concerns at this time, please contact our office. Regards,

Geoff Kowalski, Executive Director, and Mike Hamill, President


For more information, please contact:

Tanner Doiron

Coordinator, Media Relations & Communications