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It’s fast, exciting and it can bring out the best in all of us.

Hockey gives us the opportunity to make memories and

watch our kids learn and grow.
But sometimes in sport, we get really excited and passionate and that can come across in different ways. This campaign is a reminder to keep your passion for the game but keep your cool: demonstrate respect.

Regardless if you’re a coach, offical, parent, participant or fan, you have a role to play in helping us keep hockey a positive experience for everyone involved. To learn more about keeping the game positive, check out our articles below.

We know you want to support your minor hockey player and see them do well in the sport. Here are some quick “Do’s and Don’ts” to help you support your player in their journey!

Be a positive role model. 
Kids have the tendency to emulate their parents’ attitudes.  The next time you disagree with the ref, critique other players, or talk poorly about your child’s coach, stop and think before you act; your child is going to see that behaviour and think it’s OK. It is not OK, so keep your cool.

Get your player to the rink on time. 
This allows them to get physically and mentally prepared to play, and gives them time to hang out with the team and feel like a part of the fun.

Support the coaches and officials. 
Refrain from “back-seat coaching” by second-guessing and questioning the coaches’ and officials’ techniques, strategies, and decisions.

Be a good listener, encourager, and fan. 
Young players find it hard to see the positives to losing or making mistakes. No matter the score, always help them find the positive and the lesson to be learned.

Praise hard work rather than outcomes. 
Teach your kids to always work hard and try their best, while reminding them that the effort is more important than the win.

Teach your child to be a great person, rather than a great player. 
Focus on helping them build values, learn lessons, and make friendships, rather than only scoring and winning.

Remember, it’s all about fun! 
Always remember why most kids play hockey: it’s about having fun, learning new skills, making new friends and lasting memories. Let “Have fun!” be the last thing you say to them before they hit the ice for a practice or game!

Put unrealistic expectations on your player. 
Kids are at the rink to have fun and make friends, not to go to the NHL. Pushing them too hard too soon will only put more pressure on them and increase their likelihood of wanting to quit.

Be negative about your child’s performance.

Don’t criticize your hockey player for making mistakes – that’s how they learn! Be supportive and positive, and focus more on what they are doing right than wrong. Refrain from comparing their performance to other players or opponents, and celebrate what makes them a great part of the team!

Let your competitive side spoil the fun. 
Keep your cool at the rink and remember that, yes, hockey is a passionate sport, but it’s all about having fun! Refrain from criticizing the players, coaches, opponents, refs, or other hockey families, and respect their right to enjoy the game! Remember, keep your cool!

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