by Hockey PEI Communications | @HockeyPEI | February 28th, 2022

The most up to date COVID-19 guidance and how it affects our Hockey Operations is outlined below:

  • The PEI Vax Pass will be discontinued in full beginning on Monday, February 28th. Therefore, members will not be required to show proof of vaccination upon entry to any Hockey PEI Sanctioned event once those changes come into effect.

COVID-19 POSITIVE: Should a member of a team test positive for COVID-19 they should:

  1. Isolate immediately (7 days for fully vaxed, 10 days for not fully vexed.)
  2. Contact their appropriate team rep and work with their team rep to identify close contacts.
  3. Have their team rep let the appropriate Minor Hockey Association executive know (typically the President).
  4. The MHA executive is then to notify Hockey PEI.

*Due to legality and privacy concerns, no names are to be circulated outside of the team. Simply advise of the effected association, team impacted and date of positive test so accurate tracking can be completed.


*Please note, the below guidance speaks to non-household close contacts. Members looking for guidance on household close contacts can do so HERE

During the infectious period of someone with COVID-19, a close contact is someone:

  • they had face to face interaction with indoors or outdoors for at least 15 minutes, including 15 minutes in total over a 24 hour period, or
  • they were within 2 meters (6 feet) indoors for at least 15 minutes, including 15 minutes in total over a 24 hour period, or
  • they were hugging, kissing, coughing or sneezing near, or
  • who provided care to them at home.

*If the person who tested positive wore an appropriate well-fitting mask properly for the duration of the interaction, this wouldn’t be considered a close contact situation.

*Infectious period of someone with COVID-19 begins 48 hours (two days) before symptoms started, or, if no symptoms, 48 hours before the positive test was taken; for length of infectious period for positive cases see here.


  • For 4 days, follow enhanced measures:
    • Not required to isolate
    • Wear a properly fitted, three-layer cloth mask or medical mask outside your home (and as much as possible during physical/recreational activities)
    • Work from home as much as possible.
    • When at work, practice physical distancing including while eating or drinking.
    • Be tested on day 4 at a testing clinic.

*Self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 for 10 days since your last contact with the positive case. If symptoms develop, immediately isolate and get tested.

*For 10 days, do not visit high-risk settings or individuals (settings such as long-term care, community care and other congregate living facilities, childcare facilities, and individuals who may be at risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes).


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