CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – Hockey PEI is proud to name GameSheet Inc as its Official Certified Digital / Electronic scoring partner and with that announce a 5-year partnership agreement with the Canadian based company. The partnership, which will run through to the 2025-26 season, will incorporate the “GameSheet system”. This software will be used across all Hockey PEI leagues, associations and tournaments and will provide scoring solutions, league management services and lessen the workload for the Hockey PEI community – Coaches, Managers, Parents, Players. 


Today’s partnership announcement has laid out the necessary framework for all Hockey PEI leagues and associations to begin using the GameSheet system for the upcoming 2021-22 hockey season. 


Hockey PEI recently finished its 2-year pilot project with the company, using their GameSheet system and received positive feedback on the pilot. Over the 2-year span, the GameSheet system would be used throughout four (4) of Hockey PEI’s leagues. 


“We are excited about the newly expanded partnership with GameSheet inc. We have enjoyed working with Rich and his team to date and quickly began to see the GameSheet system’s value and the positive impact it has had on the leagues who have used it. The GameSheet software will ease the workload of all of our Hockey PEI members and league operations alike.” 

Mike Hammill, President, Hockey PEI.


The switch from traditional paper gamesheets to GameSheet system software which is operated on Ipads will mean a more green, environmentally friendly approach to Hockey PEI league operations. 


“It is clear to us that Connor, the Board (of Directors) and the rest of Hockey PEI are forward thinking and looking to grow the game for everyone involved. We know they will be taking advantage of the workflow improvements and data analysis capabilities of GameSheet. We look forward to and are excited about supporting Hockey PEI and working with them as the use of our system expands to all parts of the province.” 

Rich Berman, President & Co-Founder, GameSheet Inc. 


Hockey PEI looks forward to the advanced use of technology within its leagues and trusts all members will see the benefits of this software in short time. 



About GameSheet Inc: In 2013, while volunteering as a Convenor for Newmarket House League, Rich Berman (President & Co-founder) discovered that part of his job was to enter data from each paper scoresheet into a spreadsheet and email it to the league’s webmaster. In the age of iPads, Rich couldn’t believe that they were still keeping score with pen and paper, and manually updating stats and standings. Rich called Mike, an entrepreneur and his partner in the Cujo Invitational Tournament, and GameSheet Inc. was born. Since then they’ve been perfecting their digital score sheet and inventing new tools to reduce the time, effort, and cost of managing leagues and scoring games. As sports enthusiasts themselves, and users of their invention, they are passionate and focused on making the GameSheet system the best solution it can be.

About Hockey PEI: Hockey PEI is the governing body for organized hockey in Prince Edward Island. Hockey PEI’s main purpose is to foster, promote, develop, supervise, regulate, and govern the sport of amateur hockey throughout Prince Edward Island. For more on Hockey PEI and its programs visit or follow through social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For further information, please use the respective contact below. 


Rich Berman

President & Co-Founder

GameSheet Inc





Tanner Doiron

Manager, Hockey Operations & Communications

Hockey PEI