Hockey PEI Staff | October 7th, 2021

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – As minor hockey teams get set for their first regular season game across PEI, there will be a new look when it comes to the scoring component of the game!

As announced by Hockey PEI over the off-season, GameSheet Inc has become its official certified digital electronic scoring partner. Here’s what to expect ahead of the Island wide launch:


Tournaments / Exhibition Games:

  • Exhibition Games – As leagues begin to have exhibitions games prior to their regular seasons starting, they are not required to score through the GameSheet app and are permitted to use a paper game sheet, however they can use the GameSheet Scoring software for exhibitions games if they want by manually creating a new game. Furthermore, once leagues get up and running, and you are used to using the iPads for scoring, we would ask that exhibition games throughout the season be scored by the GameSheet app.
  • Tournaments – For any Hockey PEI sanctioned tournament, organizers will be required to use the GameSheet Inc scoring software for all games There is a service fee for this, and the Tournament will be responsible to cover that fee. That information will be communicated to the Tournament organizers directly when they apply for tournament approval. This is because of suspension and incident report tracking.

Inquiries from the MHA Training session held over the weekend:

  • Signatures: Hockey PEI will ensure that the signature setting which currently requires all team staff to sign the GameSheet prior to scoring the game is changed to only requiring a signature from each teams Head Coach.
  • Recording Time: Hockey PEI asks all teams to always record the time on the clock. Keep it simple. This will be communicated to all teams by our League Coordinators.
  • Penalty Selection Legends: Scorekeepers are invited to contact their local MHA should they want a copy of the Penalty Selection Legend which includes a reference to GameSheet’s penalty acronyms. Hockey PEI is working collectively with GameSheet to simplify this, especially the section of misconduct penalties.
  • AP Players: When you add AP players, you can simply add them for that game as a one time AP player and they will not stay on your roster. Always remember to review your roster to ensure AP’s from a previous game are not listed should they not be playing. More importantly, always remember that AP players MUST be approved through the Hockey PEI Office prior to them being allowed to AP with your team.
  • GameSheet Recovery: It is near impossible to lose your digital GameSheet. If for some reason the iPad battery dies and it shuts off, the GameSheet will not be lost and can be recovered. For safe practice, or if you are having issues, users can use the wheel icon option in the top left-hand corner of the screen for support services and so that a notice is sent to GameSheet Inc, and they can recover your digital GameSheet more easily.
  • Statistics: Statistics will only be available for viewing for U15 AAA Leagues and above. Should a team in any league below U15 AAA wish to track stats, they can do so on their own.
  • Backend access: Teams will be given a backend dashboard access. This access level will be similar to last season for those who used the GameSheet scoring app. For those who have not, once you have been given the access by your League Coordinator you will be able to login and play around with the new system.
  • Front end public view: This is accessible through our website under “hockey leagues”. Once the backend of each league is built, the current links on our website will be changed from Goaline to GameSheet and the public will be able to view schedules, standings, results and more!


  • Right now, Hockey PEI is in the process of setting up leagues in the backend of GameSheet. This means leagues are being built, coordinators are being given admin access, schedules are being uploaded and teams will then be given access codes and so on. HOCKEY PEI REQUIRES ROSTERS TO BE ENTERED INTO THE HCR ASAP for GameSheet to get up in running. Leagues will not start until Hockey PEI receives those rosters through the HCR 3.0 system.
  • Please be patient for your league access key code. They are coming. Each Team will receive one once your league has been set up.
  • League Coordinators are the only ones who will have the ability to change league games. All game changes must go through your league coordinator whether it be postponements, rescheduling due to weather, etc.

Remaining Training Sessions:


  • Associations are asked to please check their iPad for any software updates required in the settings app. Should updates be required, please proceed with getting that done prior to the season opening.
  • Please check to see if your GameSheet app icon is working. GameSheet does sometimes require that users re-install the iPad app after a season. If your app won’t open, simply delete the app and re-install. More instructions:

Communication / Support:

  • SCORERS / TEAMS: Please reach out to your local MHA for the GameSheet Training Presentation created by Hockey PEI and which was used for the MHA workshop training session this past weekend.
  • OFFICIALS: Please reach out to your local MHA for the GameSheet Officials Training Presentation created by Hockey PEI which was used for the High Performance Officials Re-certification.
  • For this season, we ask all associations and teams to please follow the following chain of communications for the upcoming season in regard to GameSheet Inc support:
  • Teams -> League Coordinator -> Minor Council Division Coordinator -> Sandra Jamieson / Tanner Doiron

Contact info:

– 30 –

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