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What first drew you to play hockey?

“I was drawn to hockey at a young age by the comradery that goes along with being part of a team. In hockey, you’re given twenty new family members that you spend time with on and off the ice. While early mornings were sometimes hard to get up for, there was nothing more satisfying that stepping onto fresh ice with twenty of your best friends.”

What is it that you love about the sport?

“I love that hockey is always changing. In every game, you will face a new challenge and a new situation and you will have to learn to adapt quickly in order to succeed. Hockey provides you with a support system of teammates, coaches, and family members that help you along in every new situation. Being able to go into a game knowing that you have the support of your team and everyone else around you allows you to take risks and try new things.”

Which PEI Hockey League(s) were you a part of growing up?

“Growing up I was part of the Sherwood Minor Hockey Association where I played for the Sherwood Falcons on boy’s teams until Peewee. I then moved over to play for the Capital District Cyclones through the Peewee to Midget divisions.”

What notable teams have you played on?

“Aside from minor hockey in PEI, I was lucky to be able to play on Team PEI for several years at the U-15 and U-18 levels as well as for the 2011 Canada Games. After my minor hockey days had come to an end I was a member of the UPEI Women’s HockeyTeam in the AUS for four years while I completed my degree at UPEI.“

Are there any awards or championships that you have won in your career that you are particularly proud of?

“I was lucky to be able to play on many great teams over the course of my time in minor and university hockey, but being able to be a part of the record breaking finish for PEI women’s hockey at the 2011 Canada Games and to play for four years at UPEI are experiences that I am particularly proud of.”


“While it stung at the time, our triple overtime loss in AUS playoffs is now a standout memory that I have. It was the longest women’s hockey have in AUS history. While we did not come out on top, I am proud when I look back at the way that our team battled through six periods of hockey.”

Who has been someone that has had a major influence on your hockey career?

“I have had many influences throughout my hockey career. Whether it was my Dad tying my skates when I was younger, playing on the same team with my twin brother, or the lifelong friends I have made from all over the world through hockey. Each and every person I have encountered through the game has had an impact on my life.“

In what way are you still involved in hockey? What are your “hockey plans” for the future?

“I am not currently playing hockey at a competitive level and will accept my role as a fan while I complete my second degree. However, I hope to give back to hockey on Prince Edward Island through coaching after I have graduated.”

What is your favourite hockey team?

“My favorite NHL hockey team is the Ottawa Senators, who I chose to follow when I was six years old.”

Who have been your biggest “Hockey Heroes”?

“My “Hockey Heroes” growing up were Hayley Wickenheiser, Jonathan Toews, and Daniel Alfredsson. I wore Alfredsson’s number (#11) for my entire hockey career.”

What is one of your favourite hockey memories?

“Now that my competitive hockey days are over, I think back most fondly on road trips with the girls and the particularly rowdy celebrations after a ‘4 point weekend’. “

Who are some inspiring female hockey players today (or from the past) that you feel young girls can look up to and who have inspired you?

“When I was growing up, the iconic female hockey players were Hayley Wickenheiser and Cassie Campbell. Now, with the growth of the game, girls have so many role models to look up to in Canada. For girls from PEI in particular, Shannon MacAulay, who I was lucky enough to play with through Team PEI, has shown girls that there are no limits to where they can go with the game. Shannon shows young girls that no matter where they are from they can play hockey at the highest level in Canada.”

Why do you think it is important for girls to play hockey?

“I think hockey has so many positive aspects for young girls to take advantage like fitness, nutrition, and strength. However, I think that hockey’s greatest benefits come off the ice. Hockey teaches girls the importance of team work, how to accept criticism, how to succeed, and how to accept failure. I gained a great deal of self-confidence and belief through my time playing hockey and I use the skills and values that I have learned through the game every day.”

What advice do you have for girls playing, or thinking about playing hockey?

“For girls that are playing hockey, the advice that I would have for them is to keep playing. For girls that are thinking about playing hockey, I would tell them to go play. Hockey is not always easy, and some days it might feel like the last thing you want to do. But, in my experience, some of my best moments have been on the ice with my best friends. Hockey is a life changing sport and I would not be where I am today, or who I am today without it.”

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