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What first drew you to play hockey?

“My brothers played hockey growing up, so I didn’t want to be left out. I really looked up to them.”

What is it that you love about the sport?

“I love the team aspect of the sport. I have met my best friends playing this sport, which is amazing for me. I love how competitive it is and team sports are just really special to experience especially at the University level I am at now.“

Which PEI Hockey League(s) were you a part of growing up?

“I was part of the minor hockey league, I played for Alberton Regals and Western Wind. I was also a part of the POE program which for me was a really big factor in who I am today as a player and a person.”

What notable teams have you played on?

I have played on the Canada Winter Games team as well as Team Atlantic for two years. They were both amazing experiences and the calibre was very good especially when I was just in high school.”

Are there any awards or championships that you have won in your career that you are particularly proud of?

“I won the Hard Hat award a few times at ACC – it was for hard work and leadership and other qualities like that. It meant a lot to me because it was voted for by my teammates. I also won the AUS with my St. FX team in my second year and it was one of my best hockey memories to date.”


“One of my proudest moments was winning AUS with my St. FX team. It was in double overtime and it was crazy! Also, we won the ACC when I was U-15 and that was huge because normally it would be Nova Scotia or New Brunswick that would win that tournament.”

Who has been someone that has had a major influence on your hockey career?

“My family altogether was a major influence on my career everyone always supported me in playing hockey and my parents I will never be able to thank enough for the hours and drives they have put into my career. I also see my Uncle Gardiner as a major influence – he coaches UNB and he really loves the game and has so much passion and drive for it that really inspires me. Growing up I really looked up to girls that played at the university level and that really motivated me to want to play at that level too.”

In what way are you still involved in hockey? What are your “hockey plans” for the future?

“I am currently in my fourth year at X and after my hockey career ends I plan to volunteer, coach and be a hockey parent for sure. I love the sport and I want people in the community I live in to have the same opportunities I have. I really feel like I have so much to give back to the community so that will be my plan once I am done playing personally.”

What is your favourite hockey team?

“Toronto Maple Leafs- although they aren’t very good! My brothers always told me to cheer for them growing up, so I didn’t really have a choice. Now, that’s just always what I say!”

Who have been your biggest “Hockey Heroes”?

“Shannon MacAulay is definitely one of them – she is amazing and what she has done throughout her career is so admirable! I also really look up to Sidney Crosby, it is just one of those “small town big dreams” kind of things. He works super hard for everything he has gotten and I really appreciate that.”

What is one of your favourite hockey memories?

“One of my favourite hockey memories was winning the Island with the Midget Western Wind team. I was only Bantam age, but they called me up for playoffs and I got to play in the Island Final in front of so many people I knew – the Tignish rink was packed! I was playing forward and defense the entire game. It was one of the most memorable games ever and it was a huge upset and we won. I get so happy thinking about it because it was one of the best feelings.”

Who are some inspiring female hockey players today (or from the past) that you feel young girls can look up to and who have inspired you?

“Shannon MacAulay is definitely someone who has inspired me and other girls definitely look up to. Alexa Normore is also a player that is phenomenal she was one of the best players in the CIS when she played and she was from Bedford NS. She had many opportunities and is someone that can be looked up to.“

Why do you think it is important for girls to play hockey?

“I think it is important for girls to play because not only are they playing a cool sport and being part of a team, but they develop skills that other girls who don’t play hockey do not get to develop. I can say without a doubt I would be nowhere near the woman I am today had I not played hockey. They will learn how to work with people and play on a team, as well as get to travel places, develop connections, and even get some schooling paid for. The opportunities hockey opens for females is great so I think it is so important for them to play.”

What advice do you have for girls playing, or thinking about playing hockey?

“If you’re playing: keep working hard. Know that you can go places – just because you’re a girl is not an excuse to not go anywhere. Girls can play university hockey or Team Canada and if they want it bad enough they can get there. Remember that it is just a game and have fun with it. Hockey has always been fun for me and that is why I continue to play it today.

If you’re thinking about playing: give it a try and I doubt you will regret it. The bonds you build with people and the memories you make will last you a lifetime. You meet so many different people through the sport and the emotion of the game is phenomenal. Playing hockey can make you happy and sad but it is all for the better. I have had great wins and hard losses but they have all shaped me and I honestly cannot stress enough how many skills you obtain from playing. I can work with people because I know how to work with girls on my team and adapt and I am a vocal person because you need to be on the ice. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying hockey.“

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