To: All Hockey PEI Members

Date: December 18th, 2020

Re: Return to Hockey / Facility Cohort Reduction


Today the Government of PEI announced COVID-19 Post Circuit Breaker Holiday Measures put in place from December 18th – January 11th, 2021. The following memo should add clarity around the Return to Hockey on PEI. The official details from the Chief Public Health Office can be found below:

As part of the new Post Circuit Breaker Holiday Measures, there is a maximum of two cohorts of 50 people allowed inside a facility at any one time and these cohorts must not mix. This leaves facilities with the following two options:


Option #1:

An on-ice Cohort of 50 and a second on ice cohort of 50 waiting to get onto the ice making up the maximum two 50 person cohorts allowed in the facility.


The on-ice cohort includes any on-ice participants, coaches, contact tracing volunteers, minor officials, and team volunteers. If this number is less than 50 (for practices and games), then the additional cohort members up to 50 can be filled by others in the stands.


The next on ice cohort, preparing to use the ice, must not mix with the first ice cohort. Players must make their way to the change room area at the entrance time for that arena and stay there until the ice is ready.


If there are additional spots being used up to 50, they must not enter the facility until the stands are completely clear from the group on the ice before them.


Contact tracing must be carried out for everybody within the ice cohort of up to 50.


Option #2:

On Ice cohort of 50 and a spectator cohort of 50.


The arena can never have more than two cohorts of 50 within the facility at the same time. If a group/arena wants to host an event with a spectator cohort, that spectator cohort is not allowed to enter a facility until every participant from the earlier on-ice cohort has vacated the facility.


Furthermore, if there were an ice rental after that event, all members of the spectator cohort would need to be out of the facility prior to allowing the next on-ice cohort in.


In summary, in order to have a spectator cohort, you would need to have a time gap between ice times in order for this to happen.


The on-ice cohort and spectator cohort cannot mix and contact tracing must be carried out for both cohorts.


Hockey PEI would like to remind our membership that during COVID-19 Post Circuit Breaker Holiday Measures, it is left to each facility’s discretion on how they will manage their cohorts. For gameplay, visiting teams are encouraged to check with home teams for any variance in facility protocols.


Additionally, CPHO guidelines must be followed at all times, and we encourage members to work with and be understanding of what these new restrictions mean for facility operators across PEI.


Following these guidelines will give our children the best opportunity to finish the 2020-2021 hockey season.


We will continue to provide further information to our members as it becomes available. We thank you for your understanding as we continue to work through these unprecedented times.



Mike Hammill

President, Hockey PEI


CC: Hockey PEI Board of Directors

Hockey PEI Minor Council

Hockey PEI Executive Director, Connor Cameron

Hockey PEI Chief Medical Officer, Ron Whalen

Hockey PEI Manager, Hockey Operations & Communications, Tanner Doiron


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