Date: JANUARY 6TH 2021



Today the Government of PEI announced further COVID-19 Post Circuit Breaker easement to restrictions. The following memorandum should add clarity around the status of cohorts in facilities as it aligns with our Return to Hockey Plans:


The CPHO announced new guidelines on January 5th which included changes to cohort restrictions. To ensure clarity, the following memo has been prepared. The official details from the CPHO can be found at the following website:

Beginning today, January 6th at 8:00 AM, a maximum of up to three cohorts of 50 will be permitted in an arena at any one time and these cohorts must not mix. Any arena that was approved for at least three cohorts earlier in the fall is not required to submit a new plan. For arenas, this generally means the following:



Ice cohort of 50, spectator cohort of 50, and a second ice cohort of 50 waiting to get onto the ice.

The ice cohort includes any on-ice participants, coaches, contact tracing volunteers, minor officials, and team volunteers. If this number is less than 50 (for practices and games) then the additional spots up to 50 can be used by others but they cannot mix with the spectator cohort. They must have a separate spectating area.

The spectator cohort of up to 50 to be physically distanced in the stands and should only enter the facility when the spectator cohort of the ice time before them has completely vacated the building.

Contact tracing must be done for everybody within the ice and spectator cohort.

Generally, these are the same guidelines as were being followed during the “new normal phase” (up to Dec 6, 2020) with the only difference being that there is a maximum of three cohorts allowed in the facility at any one time.



Ice cohort of 50 and 2 spectator cohorts of 50. (See example on page 2)

This option is only available to facilities that were already approved for 2 cohorts of spectators because they have the capacity to have 100 spectators in their facility physically distanced.

For this option to meet the guidelines, facilities must allow time for all the ice and spectator cohort of the previous ice time to vacate the premises prior to allowing the 2nd cohort of spectators in the facility. This option is ideal for the last rental of the evening or if there are some empty ice times on either side of a rental throughout the day.


6:30 PM Ice cohort (A) of 50 enters for a 7:00 PM game
7:00 PM Ice Rental Spectator cohort (A) of 50 enters to watch the 7:00 PM game
7:45 PM Ice cohort (B) of 50 enters for an 8:15 PM game
8:00 PM Spectator cohort (A) departs after the 7:00 PM game
8:15 PM Ice Rental Spectator cohort (B) of 50 enters to watch the 8:15 PM game
After ice cohort A (7:00 PM game) has left the facility Spectator cohort (C) of 50 enters to watch the 8:15 PM game


Please be reminded that the ice cohort and spectator cohort(s) must not mix and that contact tracing for each cohort is required. Communication between facilities and user groups is very important. If games are being played, the home team manager should reach out to the visiting team manager a day or two before the game to ensure everyone understands the facility requirements and each team knows how many spectators they are allowed.


We will continue to provide further information to our members as it becomes available. We thank you for your understanding as we continue to work through these unprecedented times.



Mike Hammill

President, Hockey PEI


CC: Hockey PEI Board of Directors & Minor Council

Hockey PEI Executive Director, Connor Cameron

Hockey PEI Chief Medical Officer, Ron Whalen

Hockey PEI Manager, Hockey Operations & Communications, Tanner Doiron


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