To: All Members

Date: Tuesday, November 24th, 2020



To our Hockey PEI Membership,


Yesterday, we released information surrounding new guidance and recommendation from the Chief Public Health Office (CPHO) after the announcement of Prince Edward Island’s temporary leave from the Atlantic Bubble.


Today, we are clarifying and elaborating more details on the new CPHO guidelines and how they affect our Hockey operations, but more importantly, our members.


As per CPHO guidelines, we would like to highlight the following important measures that must be adhered to moving forward by all our members to allow us to stay in our rinks and to continue to enjoy our game, safely:

  • All members (Players, Team Staff, Officials, Volunteers, and Parents/Guardians) who have visited the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia between November 16th-23rd should monitor for symptoms and avoid crowds, gatherings, and extracurricular activities like Hockey. This means our members highlighted above should not be attending any Hockey PEI event for a 2-week (14 days) period since their arrival date to Prince Edward Island.


  • All members who get tested for COVID-19 following their return to PEI and receive a negative test are still not permitted to attend or participate in a Hockey PEI event until their full 14 days are completed. Similar to rotational workers who are tested multiple times upon return to PEI, their activities are still limited even with multiple negative tests.


  • Moving forward, our members like all Islanders who travel off-Island for medical appointments or other essential purposes and return within 24 hours (i.e., no overnight stays, etc.) do not have to self-isolate as long as they follow CPHO guidelines while off-Island. For all other related essential travel off-Island, our members are to follow CPHO guidelines which can be reviewed here:


We appreciate your cooperation and patience during these forever changing times.



Hockey PEI is the governing body for organized hockey in Prince Edward Island. Hockey PEI’s main purpose is to foster, promote, develop, supervise, regulate, and govern the sport of amateur hockey throughout Prince Edward Island. For more on Hockey PEI and its programs visit or contact:

Tanner Doiron

Manager, Hockey Operations & Communications